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Asplundh Tree Expert Co. Case

Following investigation and resulting charges, Asplundh Tree Expert Co. pled guilty to hiring undocumented immigrants and will pay $95 million in criminal forfeiture and civil penalties, which amounts to the largest fine ever assessed in a single immigration case. The government alleged that the higher level management of the company “remained willfully blind” to the

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DHS Update

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has recently resumed expedited processing (Premium Processing service) for all types of H-1B petition proceedings. H-1B petitions can now be filed under the 15-day Premium Processing adjudication program or a Premium Processing service request can be filed on a pending H-1B petition. Importantly, decision to use Premium Processing program

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Hot Off The Press!

Due to a technical issue, the Diversity Visa (DV) 2019 entry period that began on October 3, 2017, was closed.  Lottery entries submitted between October 3 and October 10, 2017, are not valid and have been deleted; resubmission of any entries made during that period is necessary and will not count as a duplicate entry.  The

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Diversity Visa Program & DOS Visa Bulletin

The 2019 Diversity Visa Program registration period will start at noon, EST, on October 3, 2017 and will continue through noon, EST, November 7, 2017. During this registration period, interested applicants should submit entries using the electronic DV entry form (E-DV) at The annual Diversity Visa Program provides an opportunity for a U.S. Green

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DHS Updates

DACA: The Trump administration has initiated a phase out of the program known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Initial requests for DACA and associated applications for employment authorization documents (EADs) are no longer being accepted by USCIS. Note: Initial DACA requests filed by September 5, 2017 will continue to be processed by USCIS.

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Premium Processing Resumed

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has resumed premium processing for all H-1B visa petitions subject to the Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 cap. For an additional government filing fee of $1,225, the premium service guarantees a 15-day processing time. Earlier this year, USCIS resumed premium processing service for certain cap-exempt petitioners. At this time, premium

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DHS Updates

Reminder to employers: as of September 18, 2017, all U.S. employers must use the most recent Form I-9 edition with a revision date of 07/17/17 N. Employers should continue following existing I-9 retention and upkeep rules for any previously completed Forms I-9, but use the newly revised form for all new hires. Most revisions to

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Travel Update

CBP has stepped up scrutiny of foreign nationals entering the U.S. on a visa or without a visa under the U.S. Electronic Systems for Travel Authorization (ESTA) program. Travelers should be prepared for more extensive questioning if a CBP inspector decides that they had not been properly and sufficiently vetted prior to travel.

Immigration Compliance


Arizona and Maryland have recently become the ninth and tenth state respectively to join the Records and Information from DMVs for E-Verify (RIDE) program. RIDE is part of the E-Verify and is used to link the E-Verify database with the participating states’ driver’s license agencies. RIDE allows E-Verify to review the authenticity of driver’s license

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DOS Visa Bulletin

September 2017 DOS Visa Bulletin “Final Action” chart for employment-based preference cases contains some important updates as we head into the last month of the government’s ongoing Fiscal Year (FY2017). Immigrant visa eligibility under the EB-2 “Members of the Professions Holding Advanced Degrees or Persons of Exceptional Ability” category for All Chargeability areas, Mexico, El